What is Citizens Creative House?

We function as a collaborative workspace without the cost associated with having your own office to manage.  Our space features:

  • An open concept, vaulted ceiling, mountain lodge-like environment to dream, create, and get work done distraction-free.
  • A fully equipped kitchen with sink, fridge, microwave and stove.
  • A conference room with projector and white board.
  • Couches and lounge chairs with reading lamps and coffee tables.
  • Community tables.
  • Workspace tables for larger projects.
  • Business class Wi-Fi.
  • Focus Rooms
  • Phone/Skype Room
  • Printer/Copier/Scanner and basic office supplies (pens, notepads, etc.)
  • Flat-screen HD TV's for viewing presentations and projects. (COMING SOON)
  • Kitchen bar seating for collective lunch hour.
  • Bike storage and personal storage available. (COMING SOON)
  • Keyless access.
  • Fresh ANTHEM Coffee & Tea available.
  • Full bathroom with shower.
  • Close to Mama Stortinis, Toscanos, Puerto Vallarta, HG Bistro and more restaurants.
  • 1 mile to HWY 167, 410, 512 and easy Shaw Rd. access.
  • Ample parking.

We'll update the photos with furnishings as soon as we have them.

What the workspace is NOT:

  • A place to awkwardly solicit sales for your aunt's foot scrubbers.
  • A spot to bring your friends and kids to kick it.
  • A library where talking is punishable by death.
  • A typical office space where there's cubicles and Swingline staplers.
  • A night club where it is necessary to yell during your phone conversations.

Is this space right for me?

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a creative, you are welcome here.  This space was made for photographers, small-business owners, graphic designers, interior designers, film-makers, musicians, social media gurus, real estate agents, marketers, networkers, IT specialists, non-profiteers, people in ministry and many more.  If you work from home or bounce around to different coffee shops, this space is for you!