Coworking spaces, sometimes called "shared work space" are replacing traditional office space for many employees, entrepreneurs, contractors, and creatives.

The spaces are uniquely designed to accommodate a number of working professionals, from various industries and disciplines.

Anyone with the ability of working remotely has the potential to benefit from shared workspace. The person working on their laptop next do you may be a graphic designer, while the person across the room is a realtor planning their week.

At Citizens Creative House, our shared workspace is inspired by a mountain lodge. We have plenty of seating areas - from high tables to couches, for our members to work. The greatest part of having a place to work is the sense of community that can be found between members.

So, if you're tired of working out of noisy coffee shops, or need a break from the distractions of a home office, or just want to stop making the treacherous commute: check out Citizens Creative House and join in the coworking community.


Below is a list of tools, websites, and various other resources that have helped us grow in our business and leadership abilities over the years.  We hope that you'll find some useful resources here and we'll continue to add to this list as we discover new and improved ways to become better in business and better as leaders.  Enjoy!